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A welcome from the MCR

Hello Lovelies,

I would like to extend to you all a warm welcome to the Hughes Hall MCR Family. The MCR committee represents the interests of Hughes Hall students. The progressive nature of our college enables the MCR to participate in swiftly adopted decisions that benefit as many students as feasible at the present moment. Therefore, whether you have welfare or equality concerns, ideas for societies or social events, or just want a cup of tea, we are here for you.

We are wonderfully located between Parker’s Piece and Parkside Pools, about 10 minutes from the city centre. This means that although we are far enough from town to avoid selfie-taking tourists, we are still close enough to get a burger and chips from van of life and still arrive at Hughes warm!

This year’s MCR Committee has one focus: to engage all communities by becoming One Hughes Hall Family. This means that we want to engage the community by celebrating our differences, learning together, gaining mutual understanding, and working together. Whatever your Cambridge adventure entails, we are here to assist you in having a good time. We want to be as visible, accessible, and transparent as possible.

The people who are contemplating applying to Hughes should immediately cease such contemplation and submit an application! The range and variety of individuals you will encounter are intriguing, and the amount of knowledge you may get from them is limitless. To our new members this year, please know how excited we are to have you join our wonderful family.

Best Wishes,

Kudzai Chivenga

MCR President 2022-2023

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