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A welcome from the MCR

Hey all, and welcome to the Hughes Hall MCR website. The MCR committee represents the interests of the students of Hughes Hall. Whether its welfare or equality concerns, ideas for societies or social events or if you’re just not a fan of fish and chip Fridays, let us know and we’re here to help!

We are situated near Parker’s Piece and Parkside Pools, around 10 minutes away from the centre of town. This means that, whilst we’re far enough from town to escape the tourists taking selfies around the site, we are also near enough to enjoy the luxuries Cambridge has to offer without having to catch a long haul flight (sorry Girton and Homerton). In addition, the progressive nature of the college allows the MCR to take part in decisions which are quick to implement and benefit as many students as possible at that current time. This means we are fast growing and can accommodate as many, or as little, Cambridge traditions as we like. Yes, we still host formals, but if you want the more archaic traditions that historically accompanied the event, we can happily guide you to Trinity for a taste of that.

After what has been a horrible couple of years, this year’s MCR committee has one focus: to rebuild the community atmosphere that has been missing during the pandemic. The friendships we make at university are arguably the most important ones. We all go through similar experiences, we all talk on and on about these experiences and we all move on through these experiences. We are going to do everything possible to ensure that every member of Hughes Hall feels comfortable, supported, and forms friendships in college that hopefully last a lifetime. Whether that’s in the student bar, the library, the rowing boat or on the mixed netball court, we’re here to support you to find that community.

The diversity of the Hughes Hall student population is fascinating. One day, you can discuss the future of AI with Quantum Computing PhD students and the next day you can be having a passionate discussion about whether Revs is the best bar in town with an undergraduate. Ultimately, that is what is great about having one student body at Hughes. The variety of people you meet is fascinating and what you can learn from people is unlimited.

Let’s have a cracking year!


Jordan Corbett, MCR President 2021-2022

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