Welcome to the Hughes Hall Middle Common Room!

As with many terms at Cambridge, Middle Common Room (MCR) is not as it seems – not in fact a room, but the name of the student body you now are a part of as a member of Hughes Hall. The oldest graduate college in Cambridge, Hughes has in recent years expanded dramatically, today boasting not only one of the largest graduate communities in Cambridge but also a sizeable number of students pursuing undergraduate degrees. The result, when coupled with a student body from every corner of the globe, is a truly diverse, lively and collegiate academic community.

Throughout the term at Hughes, we endeavour to put together an agenda combining the social and the intellectual. The social agenda of bops, our renowned formal halls and the much loved tea and cakes is complemented by an intellectual calendar featuring academic evenings put on by our very own Hat Club and talks from outside speakers from academia and the City. When placed alongside clubs ranging from the Film Society to Wine Tasting (and others), it is a schedule that leaves just enough time for that other pursuit: academic study.

It is, though, the everyday exchanges at Hughes between an international student body, that fosters the distinctive atmosphere found at a Cambridge college, from discussing last night’s Question Time over lunch with a German lawyer to putting the world to rights in the bar after a long Cambridge day with an Australian geneticist. Whether you are here on a one year taught course or a three year PhD, you are sure to form memories and friendships that last well beyond your time at Hughes.

The MCR Committee itself comprises members from a wide range of backgrounds, ensuring our community is ably represented to both the College and University. Throughout the year we will be holding meetings in which all students are encouraged to participate. Ultimately, we are here to help support you in maximising your time at Hughes socially and academically. To this end, if you have an idea that needs implementing or see a committee role that is not fulfilled at present, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Once more, it is my pleasure to welcome you to Hughes Hall for what will be a fantastic year.

Ellinore Ahlgren

President, Hughes Hall MCR

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