MCR Committee

Diana Bridgman


Hi! I’m a PhD student reading Politics and International Studies. As MCR President, I am keen on organising a wide range of events that cater to the diverse and wonderful community we have at Hughes Hall. When I’m not working on my dissertation on trust in government or hanging out in the MCR, I love playing tennis or attending events at the Cambridge Union. If you have any ideas or feedback regarding the MCR, please feel free to reach out!

Nowsha Farha

Vice President

Dear Everyone,  I am immensely grateful to serve as the MCR Vice President, May Ball Head of Operations and the Founder/President of HH Community Development and Volunteering Society! I am currently pursuing my PhD on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Education at Hughes Hall, University of Cambridge besides working part-time with the IOM United Nations (UN) while being the Director of CDI, a Charity and NGO with projects in the domains of health, education, entrepreneurship and WaSH. I am sincerely looking forward to fostering a highly positive, inclusive, vibrant, diverse, welcoming and tight-knit community. My goal is to prioritise your voices and empower everyone through mutual support and understanding. I will also represent the Members of Hughes Hall at various meetings and Council. Please feel free to reach out to me and share your wonderful ideas – We Are In This Together!

Lauren Munger

Communications Secretary

Sarah Omer


Hiya/Asalam! I’m Sarah a first year PBS student and your BAME officer. I organise events focused on inclusivity and making people feel represented. Shoot me a message if you have ideas for events you’d like to see put on, or need to discuss any inclusivity related issue at college/university. If you ever catch me squinting at you in college do feel free to come up for a chat, it’s because I refuse to wear my prescription glasses and I’ve either confused you for a friend or am unbashfully admiring your fit.

Lucy Wright

Social Secretary

Charlie Morgan

Sports and Societies Officer

Hey! I’m Charlie, a 3rd year English undergrad. I’m happy to be serving as the MCR Sports and Societies Officer this term, after having served as the Male and Non-Binary Welfare Officer on the 23/24 committee. My experiences as both a society leader (I run the college Film Club), and as a participant, inspired me to take up the role with two main emphases: to encourage participation, knowing how positively being a member has impacted my time here, and to encourage societies to make the most of the financial support offered to them, helping them achieve their potential and thereby enriching what is on offer to Hughes students. 

Some advice from an experienced Cambridge student: if you’re intrigued by a society or sport, try it. Don’t get caught up worrying about overcommitting to things beyond your course/research – the opportunities to try out new things or to find a group of people with similar interests at Cambridge are unmatched, and attending a meet-up or event far outweighs an extra hour in the library late in the evening (within reason). 

Zayne Zhang

IT and Infrastructure Officer

Hi everyone, I’m Zayne, a second-year Computer Science undergraduate. I’ll be managing your room bookings as well as this website. I strongly believe in tech for good – if you have any suggestions about improving tech accessibility around college or anything that can be made better with the help of tech, please reach out!

Sam Thompson

Welfare Officer


President: Veronica Hera
Vice President (External): Diana Bridgman
Vice President (Internal): Maya Schulz
Secretary: Yihan Yue
Treasurer: Maxine Hanson
Social Secretary: Ibrahim Khan
Social Secretary: Gabrielle Regimbal
Male and Non-binary Welfare Officer: Charlie Morgan
Female and Non-binary Welfare Officer: Sara Jaff
IT and Infrastructure Officer: Ethan Ong
Academic Affairs Officer: Madiha Noman
Ethical and Environmental Officer: Heah Ka Hsing
Sports & Societies Officer: Alice Twigger-Ross
House Officer: Tiffany Corsbie-Walsh
Equality and BAME Officer: Sarah Omer
Equality and LGBT+ Officer: Nina Forsyth
Communications Officer: Olivia Robinson


President: Kudzai Chivenga
Vice President (External): Ijeoma Ogbuju
Vice President (Internal): Stevie Vass
Secretary: Maxine Hanson
Treasurer: Christopher Ong
Social Secretary: Dara Odunubi
Social Secretary: Lorelei Booth
Male and Non-Binary Officer: Frank Denyer
Female and Non-Binary Officer: Olivia O’Dea
IT and Infrastructure Officer: Michael Tang
Academic Affairs Officer: Veronica Hera
Ethical and Environmental Officer: Janina Forsyth
Sports & Societies Officer: Sebastian Topan
House Officer: Lee Jia Ming
Equality and BAME Officer: Nirmani Rathnayake
Equality and LGBT+ Officer: Ariel Seraphina
Communications Officer: Kali Gladdish


President: Jordan Corbett
Secretary: Zhu Yuchen
Treasurer: Olaf Kranse
Vice President (Internal): Zainab Rehman
Vice President (External): Brendan Low Shern Leong
Social Officer: Patrick Bamforth
Social Officer: Ellie Nagy
Male and Non-binary Welfare Officer: Chris Lamb
Female and Non-binary Welfare Officer: Georgina Windsor
IT and Infrastructure Officer: Michael Tang
Academic Affairs Officer: James Friend
Ethical and Environmental Officer: Benjy Klyne
Sports & Societies Officer: Sam Crawshaw
Accommodation Officer: Ankit Dilip Kumar
Equality and BAME Officer: Swati Keshri
Equality and LGBT+ Officer: Ariel Seraphina


President: Nicola Gorringe
Vice President: Hector Zhou
Secretary: Anie Vasileva
Treasurer: Kilian Bartsch
Academic Affairs Officer: Brendan Low
Social Secretary: Zainab Rehman
Social Secretary: Ben Williams
Female and Non-binary Welfare Officer: Rachel Hosking
Male and non-binary welfare Officer: Cris van Eijk
Equality and LGBTQ+ Officer: Jodie Rawles
Equality and BAME Officer: Andre Johnsen
Accommodation Officer: Jivan Navani
Sports and Societies Officer: Emmanuel Mensah
IT and Infrastructure Officer: Michael Tang
Green and Ethical Affairs Officer: Olaf Kranse


President: Alexandra Entwistle-Thompson
Vice President: Constantinos Kazamias
Secretary: Patrick Simon Perillo
Treasurer: Anna Kölle
Academic Affairs Officer: Irene Yu
Social Secretary: Paulina Rose Librizzi
Social Secretary: Nicolai van der Steen
Welfare Officer (Female): Rachel Hosking
Welfare Officer (Male): Marco Egle
LGBT+ Welfare Officer: Nicola Gorringe
Equality Officer: Jenson Deokiesingh
Accommodation Officer: Kilian Bartsch
Sports and Societies Officer: Alexandra Gablier
IT and Infrastructure Officer: Michael Tang
Green and Ethical Affairs Officer: Lydia Collas


President: Daniel Anton Garcia
Vice President: Yuri Im
Secretary: Hattie Stacey
Treasurer: Maxim Kuvshinov
Academic Affairs Officer: Anna Kölle
Social Secretary: Nikhil Dutt Sundaraj
Social Secretary: Emma Silvester
Welfare Officer (Female): Paulina Rose Librizzi
Welfare Officer (Male): Andrea Di Antonio
LGBT* Welfare Officer: Charles Su
Equality Officer: Irene Yu
Accommodation Officer: Patrick Simon Perillo
Sports and Societies Officer: Connor OPray
IT and Infrastructure Officer: Harry Holkham
Green and Ethical Affairs Officer: James Che


President: Harry Holkham
Vice President: Nicholas Langford
Secretary: Andrew Gwynne
Treasurer: Maxim Kuvshinov
Male Welfare Officer: Andrea Di Antonio
Female Welfare Officer: Annelies Baneke
Social Secretary: Milind Pandit
Social Secretary: Gaya Muthukumar
Academic Officer: Yuri Im
Sports and Societies Officer: Nazhif Zaini
Ethical and Environmental Affairs Officer: Heather Ros Macpherson
Infrastructure Officer: Daniel Anton Garcia
LGBT+ Officer: Lucas Saric
Diversity and Equality Officer: Caitlyn Merry
Accommodation Officer: Josh Richman


President: Peta Blundell
Vice President: Nicholas Langford
Secretary: Molly James
Treasurer: Gulshan Singh Gill
Male Welfare Officer: Zen Ng
Female Welfare Officer: Katarina Hlavata
Social Secretary: Milind Pandit
Social Secretary: Maximillian Campbell
Academic Officer: Luíza Leão Soares Pereira
Sports and Societies Officer: Jodie Chalmers
Ethical and Environmental Affairs Officer: Kai Schulze
Infrastructure Officer: Harry Holkham
LGBT+ Officer: Lydia Wong
Diversity and Equality Officer: Lucas Saric
Accommodation Officer: Josh Richman


President: Ellinore Ahlgren
Vice President: Maya Raphael
Secretary: Clare Collins
Treasurer: Sheridan Jones
Male Welfare Officer: Luke Valori
Female Welfare Officer: Georgie Rawson
Internal Social Secretary: Taylor Harris
External Social Secretaries: Steve Campbell, Nathan Wang
Academic Officer: Peta Blundell
Sports and Societies Officer: Sally Mole
Ethical and Environmental Affairs Officer: Rina Kuusipalo
Infrastructure Officer: Jill McKenna
LGBT Representative: Yu Ling (Lydia) Wong


President: Jonathan Loesing
Vice President: Clare Collins
Secretary: Xander Friedlaender
Treasurer: Sheridan Jones
Male Welfare Officer: Andrew Hoolachan
Female Welfare Officer: Sally Mole
Internal Social Secretary: Steve Campbell
External Social Secretaries: Marjun Parcasio and Sheena Wong
Academic Officer: Emily Ruzich
Sports and Societies Officer: Katie Klavenes
Ethical and Environmental Affairs Officer: Dara Djavan Khoshdel
Infrastructure Officers: George Sarbu and Chris Eng


President: Tobi Olasounkanmi
Vice-President: Omar Shamayleh
Secretary: George Sarbu
Treasurer: Stephen Hall
Welfare Officer (Male): Angelo Mussita
Welfare Officer (Female): Julie Witter
Internal Social Secretary: Ben Goldberg
External Social Secretary: Nelly Olova
Academic Officer: Dara Djavan Khoshdel
Sports and Societies Officer: Erling Amble
Ethical and Environmental Affairs Officer: Amy Thomas


President: Ben Goldberg
Secretary: Stefano Gogioso
Treasurer: Christian Ku
Vice President: Stefano Salvatore
Social Secretaries: Martin Sedlak, Andrew Walls
Welfare Officers – Davide Cavaliere, Lara Diaz de Grenu
Bar Manager: Stefano Salvatore
Sports and Societies: Erling Amble
External Social Secretaries: Nelly Olova, Michel Schammel
Ethical Affairs Officers: Marcus Tan, Lorenz Fenk
Undergraduate RepresentativeL Gunel Mehdiyeva
Internal Social Officer: Eugenio Cocchi
Development Officer: Amy Thomas
Off-College Officer – Miranda Abild


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