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Intelligibility of sung words

An interdisciplinary team of musicians, psychologists and speech scientists is seeking participants for an experiment about the intelligibility of sung words. We would like you to take part whether or not you are musical. If you already helped us between April and August, thank you very much—your help has produced valuable results, but please do not volunteer again—this is a second experiment for which we need different listeners.

The experiment lasts about 30 minutes and all you have to do is listen to some polyphonic singing (two voices singing different words), and indicate when you hear names of animals.
You will be paid £6 for participating.

In able to volunteer for this study, you should be between 16 and 35 years of age and English should be your mother tongue/the first language you learned. That is, we need to work with people whose native language is English, and preferably who are essentially monolingual up to the age of about eleven. (This is because bilinguals say and hear speech differently from monolinguals, and for these particular experiments, we need our listeners to be homogenous in this respect.)

If you are interested and you meet these criteria, please sign up here http://doodle.com/79gq9etrek7qss3y for a time slot that is convenient for you.
(Please include either your email address or phone number when you sign up. The doodle poll is anonymous, so you won’t be able to access your booking. However, if we have your details, we will send a reminder.)

The experiment is being run in the Centre for Music and Science, which is part of the Faculty of Music. It is located on the Sidgwick Site in the same building as the West Road Concert Hall. We will meet you in the concert hall foyer 5 minutes prior to your scheduled time.

If you have questions, or need to change your booking, just email us here: polyphony.study@googlemail.com, or call Stephan on 07721476780.

Many thanks

Professor Sarah Hawkins
Centre for Music and Science
Faculty of Music


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