May Ball Freshers Tickets

On Saturday June 15th 2013, Hughes Hall will be hosting the annual May Ball.

If you’re new to Cambridge, you’re probably wondering what a May Ball is? A May Ball is an extravagant celebration which takes place at the end of each academic year to mark the end of exams. The ball starts mid-evening and runs throughout the night, with guests enjoying copious amounts of food, entertainment and, of course, alcohol. The night culminates in a “survivors’ photograph” being taken, which is available for students to purchase. Overall, the May Ball provides an opportunity for people to relax and enjoy themselves after a tough academic year and celebrate together as a college for the last time before the summer.

We’re actively looking for enthusiastic people to be a part of the May Ball committee and if you’d like to get involved, we’d love to hear from you! Come and see us tomorrow, at the Hughes Hall Societies’ Fair, starting from 2pm in the Pavilion Room. A list of all the positions available on the committee can be found on our website at and we’ll have full job specifications at the ball which we’d be delighted to discuss with you if you want to be a part of the committee.

Freshers Tickets

For those who aren’t interested in helping to run the ball, despair not, we’ve still got a reason for you to come and see us at the societies fair tomorrow! We have a limited supply of discounted Freshers Week tickets which are available for just £85, saving £14 off the full price ticket. You don’t need to bring any money along to the fair tomorrow as those who sign up for tickets tomorrow will be billed in the coming weeks. A limited number of forms to book discounted tickets will also be available during the incoming week at the bar: simply fill one in and hand it to the bar staff!
Further ticket upgrades (such as for dining and more) will be available to all later in the year, including those who have already purchased the discounted freshers tickets.


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