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The Economist subscription offer

Hi All,

As well as being your friendly bar keeper on Thursday nights, indeed last night I was the one wearing the offensively short flowery hot pants at the bop (to quote one bar goer “some images you just can’t unsee”) I am also the Economist Ambassador for Cambridge this year.

If anyone would like a subscription please use my link below, the offer is 12 issues for £12 (3 Months worth) which is an absolute bargain, full online and download access, a free book PLUS a massive hug from yours truly (optional…) complete no brainer really, and you can cancel anytime you want (no contract);


Many of you will be interviewing for internships and jobs in the coming months, indeed you may already have a job sorted out, either way you could do a lot worse than have a copy tucked under your arm, I genuinely read it every week and there is no better way to stay informed.

If you want to take up the deal please do use my link above to access it (that way they can see I am actually doing something and I might get paid!)
Any questions feel free to email me, come by the freshers fare Economist stand or simply grab me when you see me in college!


John Walker


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