Kettle’s Yard for students

picture loan scheme – Monday, 8 October 12noon-3pm
Why have a poster on your wall when for £10 a year you can have a real work of art? Ever since Kettle’s Yard was created, students have been borrowing works of art from the collection. Students can borrow up to two prints, paintings or drawings from the loan collection on a first come, first served basis.
£10 per picture for the year, £30 refundable deposit per picture (payment can only be made by cash or cheque). Please bring Student ID with you.

exhibitions & house
Kettle’s Yard is a gallery with a changing programme of exhibitions of modern and contemporary art and a house with a permanent collection of 20th century art displayed in a unique and beautiful setting.
Entry is free to all. See:
We are currently showing the very popular Winifred Nicholson show:

If you are interested in pursuing a career in the arts or just want to do something different you may want to try volunteering at Kettle’s Yard. See:

representative scheme
Could you help us to promote Kettle’s Yard to you college and/or department? e-mail

All concerts at Kettle’s Yard are either free to all or heavily subsidised for students, see:

Kettle’s Yard
Castle Street, Cambridge CB3 0AQ (just over Magdalene Bridge, past the Folk Museum)
telephone 01223 748100
internal 48100
twitter: @kettlesyard


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