Take part in paid psychology studies

This is an invitation to join the Participant Panel of the Laboratory for Research into Autism, The Fletcher Group and the Psychology and Religion Research Group at the Department of Psychology, University of Cambridge. We would not be able to conduct our research without the time kindly given by volunteers and we are therefore always looking for participants to take part in psychology studies throughout the year. By completing the Questionnaire you will have the opportunity (though no obligation) to participate in a variety of paid research studies. We are looking for participants of all types to take part; you do not need to fit any criteria other than being fluent in English and 18+ years of age.

By following the link below you will be provided with more information on the type studies that we run as well as being able to take part in the Screening Questionnaire:


As a thank you for your help, all those completing the Screening Questionnaire will be entered into a monthly prize draw for a £10 Amazon voucher that will run for the academic year.

Please contact Kirsten Barnes (kb381) or Ben Gregory (blg24) with any questions.


Background information:

At the beginning of each year we try and reach students by email with an invitation to take part in a Screening Questionnaire that, this year, is held jointly by the Cambridge Laboratory for Research into Autism (CLaRA), The Fletcher Group and the Psychology and Religion Research Group. We would be unable to conduct our research without the volunteers this survey attracts. The Screening Questionnaire allows students to take part in studies that we run throughout the year at their convenience.

The questionnaire is entirely confidential. Students are under no obligation to take part and can withdraw their data at any point.

In the past we’ve had a great response to our research from emails sent on our behalf to department mailing lists: your help is greatly appreciated.


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