Vice-Chancellor’s speech

Dear Graduates,

On Monday of this week, the Vice Chancellor gave his annual address, The Scale of our Ambition, where he spoke of Cambridge as a ‘world-changing’ university, amongst the top in the world, and best in Europe. He laid out the ambitions for the coming year and the future, and noted that our ambition must be on an ‘Olympian scale’. He referred to the importance of university growth, ‘whose scale, like our academic ambition, is extraordinary’, and specifically talked of postgraduate students, who ‘are key to our future academic development and competitiveness’. As part of the growth of the university, he laid out plans for a huge, and exciting, development in the North West Cambridge site ­ a ‘virtually zero carbon’ ‘biggest capital project that this University has ever contemplated’. He told us to ‘make no mistake: this proposal will change the way that Cambridge works ­ as a university and as a city’.

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This is a very exciting time to be part of the university, so I urge you to engage with these developments ­ and opportunities will be provided during the year to do that.

I am the graduate member of the University Council, and hence feed in graduate views to the major decision making body of the university (under the direction of the Regent House). If you have any thoughts on the future of the university, or indeed want to feed something into Council, please do get in touch at

All best

Charlie Bell

Charlie J M Bell
MB PhD student | Queens’ College | University of Cambridge | 07962021067
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