Cambridge goes to National Demo against the Government, London, 21st November.

The demo has been called by the NUS “against the bleak prospects facing today’s students”. This isn’t merely empty rhetoric, but a serious truth that we and future generations have to acknowledge. Now, more than ever, we need to show the Government that students haven’t forgotten about the increased fees and that, with current threats to international student visas, the lack of post-graduate funding and the continuing absence of EMA, students are more in need than ever of a voice.

This protest is about showing the government that students care about the future of education in this country and believe that it can and should change from where we have reached today. Some students might think that it doesn’t affect them – but we are the lucky ones here – we need to speak out for the young people who haven’t made it to where we are today, and might not in the future. And actually, for example if they’re thinking of doing postgraduate studies, or are an international student, then it very much is relevant to them!

There will be several coaches from Cambridge to London on that day. If you want to join it, all you need to do is to book your place at
For more information contact Stefano Salvatore (ss880).


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