Mill Road Winter Fair

Mill Road Winter Fair

The Fair is now only a month away (Sat 1 Dec), and most of the important arrangements (marquees, road closure, brochure) have already been made. The website is being changed on a continuing basis as the final programme evolves, and I would like to urge you to have a look at it if at all possible: .

Arrangements for the parade are well under way. Although there is a (large) group of dedicated people already involved, we would like to urge anyone else who would like to join in to collect at Petersfield at 12.00 before the parade starts at 12.30. If you want to blend in the parade colours are blue, white and silver. Please read below for more details and information about how to get involved.

One area where we do need some additional help is for organisation on the day of the Fair itself. If you feel you could give us a couple of hours on December 1st between 10.00 and 5.00 to help with stewarding or with the coordination of stall venues, or a short time before the Fair starts and after it ends to put up and remove signage, we would be extremely grateful.

If you would like to be a steward please contact Jonathan Goodacre

To help with stalls and signage please contact Adeline Douard

On Saturday 1st December something fabulous will happen in Mill Road as part of the Mill Road Winter Fair – and you can be part of it! Kay Blayney from the Parkside Federation and local resident and creative producer Nicky Webb are producing a fantastic carnival parade – inspired by West Indian and Brazilian carnivals – involving local people, community groups and students from both Parkside Federation and local primary schools. Professional carnival artists from the celebrated company Kinetika have been working with local people already and their band Kinetika Bloco will be back on 6th November to run a free workshop for those who’d like to take part as a musician or dancer. We want to produce an inclusive, celebratory and joyful event that will have people dancing in the street, and we’d like YOU to take part!

You can take part in a number of different ways:

  1. By making flags or banners that you – or someone else – can carry during the parade
  2. By playing in the band – we are looking for brass and wind players and drummers
  3. By dancing
  4. By volunteering to help in other ways – applying make-up to participants, stewarding etc

If you’re interested in making flags, banners etc
Come along to one of the drop-in sessions at Coleridge School, Radegund Road, Cambridge on Wednesday 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th November, 6.30pm – 8pm.

If you’re interested in taking part as a dancer or musician
Come along to a FREE workshop with artists from the fantastic Kinetika Bloco on Tuesday 6th November, 3pm – 6.30pm at Coleridge School. Please note that if you’re a musician you need to play a brass or wind instrument or a drum that you can play whilst walking – and which you don’t mind getting wet if it’s raining!

There will also be rehearsals on Wednesday evenings, 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th November, 6.30pm – 8pm at Coleridge School.

If you’re interested in taking part, or would like to help on the day, please do LET US KNOW by emailing or phoning us. And feel free to ask any questions!


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