Hughes Hall / Newnham Social

Dear Fellow Hughesians,

Hopefully many of you by now will be aware of the Hughes Hall/Newnham social taking place on Saturday 17th. If not, here’s some very good news for those suffering from ‘Week 5 Blues’…..

Basically, I’ve been fortunate enough to pursuade Newnham bar to open it’s doors especially for us next Saturday! For those of you who don’t know much about Newnham, it’s a great college with lots of really fun people (I’m speaking from a non-biased point of view, of course!), so this event is a great opportunity to meet lots of people like yourselves. If that’s not enough to pursuade you, Newnham bar has promised me lots of cheap drink deals!

Join the facebook event at!/events/390006064400887/ If you know of any Hughes Hall alumni who might be keen to come along, please invite them- the aim is to make this the biggest and best social of the year.

Also, if you’re worried that there will only be Newnham undergrads, fear not! Newnham’s MCR are promoting the event and I happen to know lots of Newnham alumni plan on being there.

So: let’s make this a night to remember… or not (depends on how much you get into the drinks deals…)

Meet at Hughes main gate at 8.30pm, Saturday 17th. I’ll be sending more reminders over the next week!

Hope to see you there,

Hughes/Newnham love, Lizzy x


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