Me, As a Penguin


Me, As a Penguin
at the Corpus Playroom next week
Tuesday 13th – Saturday 17th November

A comedy about knitting, penguins and Battenburg.

Me, As A Penguin is an insight into the life of Stitch, his heavily pregnant sister Liz and her sofa-loving partner Mark. Stitch is attempting to sample the gay scene of Hull, Mark is having doubts about ‘the bump’, whilst Liz is just desperate for the loo. But who is the man in the giant penguin costume? And why is nobody allowed into the toilet?

From the writer of the smash-hit comedy The Kitchen Sink, Me, As A Penguin was the centre-piece of Northern Exposure 2009, the West Yorkshire Playhouse’s new writing showcase. Me, As A Penguin is witty, heartfelt and deeply engaging.

‘A sprightly piece of absurd realism’ – The Guardian
‘Heart-wrenching, engaging and entertaining’ –

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OR CALL : 01223 300085


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