Participants needed for study on Cambridge students

I’m looking for:
– Undergraduates who feel they are finding the Cambridge experience difficult for reasons not wholly personal
– OR who feel a mismatch between their beliefs or attitudes to their university education and that of their course or Cambridge University more widely

Both are intended to be subjective and open to interpretation.

The study

I am doing my third year undergraduate dissertation on Cambridge Undergraduate Perceptions of Cambridge University culture, and how it affects their educational experience (not limited to their degree)

I am looking for 6-10 participants from a range of backgrounds and courses to be the subjects of a case study, including interviews and focus groups.

Unfortunately I cannot pay participants given my lack of funding; however I hope that the kind of people I am looking for will benefit from taking part and will feel it has helped them to make sense of their experiences here.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in taking part in, or if you have any thoughts to add please contact:

The anonymity of all contacts and participants will be preserved.

Pseudonyms and alternations to details which could identify individuals will be used for this purpose in the study.


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