Potluck dinner + Taboo at Will Ratoff’s off-college house

Dear Hughesians (both off- and on-college),

Thanks for another great games night last night! We have a little something different in store for next week, though. Take a look:

WHAT: *Potluck dinner + Taboo at Will Ratoff’s off-college house*
Note: Potluck means that you will each have to bring a dish that can serve 4-5 or so.

WHEN: Sunday, November 11th at 7pm
WHERE: Meet at Hughes Hall gates (he lives just a short walk from there)
WHO: The first 10 people to email me!

*If you are interested, email me NOW with your name AND what dish you would like to bring. You can choose one of the following options:
Wine/drinks: 3
Main: 3
Sides/appetizers: 2
Dessert: 2

I will fill in whatever gaps there may be once I have an idea of who is bringing what.
So, check your schedules and email me ASAP as places are likely to fill up fast!



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