No Exit (Huis Clos)

Dear All,

I’m producing a charity play at Lucy Cavendish College of which the entire money earned through the tickets will go directly to Education Partnerships Africa ( Right now, I’m still auditioning for the main male part, for which I’d like to have a mature actor. The play that Kenza Jernite, who has directed Under Milk Wood in the ADC last term, and I are producing is:

No Exit (Huis Clos), by Jean-Paul Sartre – A piece about three people ending up in hell where they have to face their torture of having to cope with one another. We’re auditioning for the male leading role on Saturday, 2nd February, from 5 till 9 pm in Oldham Hall on Lucy Cavendish College grounds (first door next to the Porters Lodge). All levels of experience welcome. If you’re interested, please contact me (sjk78) so that I can allocate you a time slot and send you an extract to prepare.

Best wishes, Sarah


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