EXIT THE KING (A play by Ionesco)

A play by Ionesco
31st January – 2nd February
7pm, Newnham Old Labs

‘Why was I born if it wasn’t forever?’ King Berenger is dying, not that he’d like to admit it. And he’s not the only one: his shrunken empire is neglected, his subjects are decrepit, and now the palace appears to be falling down. Even the sun has given up on him, but the King has other worries. Where does everybody keep disappearing to? Why is it so dark in here? And why does he feel like the room is getting smaller? The countdown has started, but when the time is up the play won’t be the only thing ending. It’s starting to look like a really bad day…

Enter the kingdom nestled in Newnham’s gardens and witness a reign of centuries coming to an end in Ionesco’s triumph of absurdist black comedy. This is the last evening in the entire universe – won’t you spend it with us?

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Box Office: 01223 300085
Tickets £5


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