Let’s Tally! Call Real-Time Polls with your Friends and Help Us with a Study!

We would like to invite you to participate in a pilot study on social influence in real-time, social opinion polls. So we’ve developed a web app and we’re looking for a crowd of people to give it a spin in their cliques.

You can use “Let’s Tally!” with your friends to rate or vote just about anything – in real time. You can use it to decide where to have lunch, which dungeon to raid, or to find the most popular blockbusters in your clique. It’s a bit like doodle, but much more flexible. It’s handy, free to use, and gives you full control over your data. And of course we’re hoping that as many people as possible will sometimes quickly answer the questions after closing the poll. So if you’re willing to help us out with a scientific study, and if you’d like our help in figuring out where to meet your crew, please sign up with your friends at https://www.cambridgeplus.net/ratingtb484/.

We kindly ask you to accept our website’s temporary certificate, since purchasing a professional certificate is not covered by our research grant.

Link: https://www.cambridgeplus.net/ratingtb484/

Contact: If you have any questions regarding Let’s Tally or our study, please do feel free to get in touch with Dr. Tobias Berka at tobias.berka@cl.cam.ac.uk.

Study Participation: Participants under the age of 18 require parental/care consent to use the service and participate in the study. The study will run from 30th of January to 17th of April, 2013. Participation is voluntary and participants may withdraw at any time by disabling their profile and/or deleting all associated data.

Ethical Approval: The ethics committee of the Computer Laboratory of the University of Cambridge has approved this study.

Confidentiality and Use of Data: All data provided by the participants will be stored securely on a web server and database operated by and within the premises of the Computer Laboratory of the University of Cambridge. The data will only be used to provide the web application, and in anonymized form for statistical analysis. Beyond the usual operation of the web application, the data set will not be released to anyone outside of the research team. Please consult our website for a more detailed description.


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