C.U. Bangla Socitey is taking part in Oitij-jo which is, a huge 3 day event (22nd-24th February), dedicated to celebrating culture, heritage, fashion, art and music of Bangladesh and in all, the spirit of Bengali youths all over Britain. This major event will include participation from MP Rushanara Ali, High Commissioner Mijarul Quayes, Sam Zaman and many more! We are currently looking for volunteers who are:

i) Free to volunteer during the event. They are looking for a range of help from floor manager to guides and with so many events taking place, there is something for everyone. No experience necessary but there will be a training in the weekend before.

ii)Aspiring writers who would like to write on the topic of Bengali heritage and culture. There is freedom to take this topic anywhere from your personal experiences of a Bangladeshi community in Britain to how the youth are preserving the tradition and culture. Articles under 100 words will be printed in the Brochure (deadline next Friday) while other literature will be published on their website. This is a good chance to get some exposure!

Note: Discounts are available for C.U. BanglaSoc members if there is a group who are interested in attending the event.

For more information, please contact us at banglasoc@cusu.cam.ac.uk or log on to http://www.oitijjo.org


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