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Recruiting web developers and designers!

We are an Oxford-based project creating an ambitious and cutting-edge website for scientific research. We’re recruiting people with good experience in web development or design, or mobile app development.

The site, akorn.org, offers users a news feed to watch the latest research, as well as a platform for exchanging research apps. We are supportive of the open access / open science movement, and one goal of the site is to help spark open innovation amongst scientists. We are looking for developers to join our existing team to as we prepare to launch in beta in a few months time. For details on positions available, please see: http://akorn.org/volunteer/


If this sounds interesting, then get in touch! Email us some brief info about yourself:


Note that the project is not yet funded but we are seeking funding. Our team currently works for free, so this may suit those wishing to gain CV experience or simply wanting to be part of an ambitious and lively project.


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