Balderton Capital internship opportunity

Are you interested in working for a fast growth internet startup?

Balderton Capital is one of the leading Venture Capital firms in Europe. Some of our most exciting UK-based portfolio companies are looking for Summer interns in 2013. This is a rare opportunity to build experience in early stage, tech-driven startups. These companies are some of the fastest-growing in the UK, using cutting edge technology to disrupt entire markets. They have the potential to be the Googles, Amazons and Facebooks of tomorrow and you will help to shape their future.
We are seeking 35 ambitious and highly intelligent candidates to join this Programme. You will be given a defined project, which creates real value for the sponsoring organisation and you will have hands-on responsibility from day one. You will build expertise in areas such online marketing, product development, supply management and operations as well as gaining a true insight into the world of startups and entrepreneurship. The companies taking part are in the programme are:
7 Digital, Achica, Housetrip, Livebookings, MedicAnimal, Memrise, Natural Motion The Hut Group
Touchlocal, Wonga, Worldstores
Successful individuals will be offered placements by the specific company they are allocated. There is also a high probability of full time work once the placement is finished and a strong career alternative vs. traditional Business School options such as management consultancy and Investment Banking.
We are able to offer a salary of £2,000 per placement but students will need to take care of their own accommodation. Placements will last for 8 weeks.
Application form:
Please note deadline for applications is 21st February 2013. For any questions please contact or @bakerlucie


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