CUSU Access needs your help in defending AS levels!

The Government’s latest reforms to sixth form education propose revamping the A level system to remove end of year twelve exams: A levels will become 2 year courses which are examined at the end, with AS levels no longer a stepping stone but a separate qualification.

There is substantial opposition to these reforms, with critics including the University of Cambridge and the National Union of Teachers.

We believe that fair admissions to university will be jeopardised by the loss of AS levels as they currently stand, that end of year twelve exams often give students (particularly those from underrepresented backgrounds) the confidence to aim higher, and that the loss of flexibility in the new system would be devastating to many students.

We need your help to make sure that Michael Gove listens to students about the importance of end of year 12 exams and to highlight that these reforms would be detrimental to a generation.

Please make your voice heard and sign our petition now at


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