Participate in study on application materials

When we apply for a position or job, the materials we submit along with our application can determine the path our life will take. We want to hear your opinion on the quality of different application materials. The study only takes 35-40 minutes and you get paid 4 GBP for your participation! The only prerequisites are that you are a student, at least 18 years of age and fluent in English.

IF YOU WANT TO PARTICIPATE, please sign up on the following link: or reply to .

The study, called ‘EVALUATING APPLICATIONS’, is taking place in the centre
of Cambridge – Department of Psychology (Downing Site), 4th floor, Room
405, and you can find us on the following map (in case you get lost call
0758 144 2105):

Hope to see you soon!

The CECE laboratory, Department of Psychology


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