Molly Dancing Workshop

10am Saturday 9th March Churchill College Recital
Signup preferred:

There is going to be a Molly Workshop on Saturday 9th March at 10am in Churchill College Recital Room (directions at the end), and we would be delighted if you would come along, no matter how little (or much) folk dancing experience you have! Molly is fantastic folk dancing from the Fens (like Morris, but much faster and wackier, and with the side looking like they have been at an explosion in a tie-dye factory).

Watch some of us dancing here

or go to our website and see the photos (

Therefore this workshop will give you the chance to learn a Molly dance or two, and watch a dance or two as well from some Gogs! To help us plan, we would be delighted if you could sign up (ideally with your CRSID (or email address) next to your name) here.

Even if you cannot make this workshop, sign up and say you are not available, so I can keep you in the loop! I look forward to seeing you there!


Any queries – email

History of Molly

It was originally danced every January by disguised plough boys, when the fields were too frozen to plough, and originally designed to terrorise the landowners (and has been banned by law twice). Our cross-dressing costume presents a kaleidoscope of colour right up to (and beyond!) our brightly-painted faces. We retain some interpretations of the traditional dances but have drawn on a range of other inspirations, including Harry Potter, a one-way system, a doctoral thesis, local punting hazards, and we even have an Oompa Loompa dance!

Map for Churchill Recital Room – No 6 on this map – go along that side road up into Churchill (up the hill from the Porters’ Lodge and bike sheds), and it is the black glass box half way up the hill. If you reach the Møller Centre, you’ve gone too far.


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