Summer opportunities at the Environmental Office

Do you fancy working on sustainability projects this summer? The Environmental Office is offering opportunities, at Cambridge and abroad, for students at the University of Cambridge to gain real world experience in the field of environmental sustainability.

Opportunities at the University of Cambridge

The Living Laboratory for Sustainability is a programme run out the University of Cambridge’s Environmental Office in Estate Management. The ‘Living Lab’ has the goal of improving the sustainability of the University by using the Estate to test and research real world environmental problems while enhancing the educational experience of students attending the University.

This summer the Living Lab will be hiring two paid interns to complete research projects on the Estate. The Promoting Positive Environmental Behaviours Intern will look at behavioural change and the communication of sustainability. The Building Energy Performance Intern will focus on investigating the energy performance of three or four University buildings.

For more information about these positions and to apply please visit the ‘Vacation Work’ section on the Career Service website:

International Opportunities

As part of the IARU Sustainability Fellowship Program, this summer the University of Cambridge will be exchanging students with Yale University and the National University of Singapore (NUS). IARU is the International Alliance of Research Universities and consists of ten of the world’s leading research-intensive universities who share similar visions for higher education and sustainability.

IARU Sustainability Fellowships provide selected students with the opportunity to work on targeted campus sustainability projects at IARU member institutions. The Environmental Office is looking for two students, one to go to Yale and one to go to NUS, who are eager to gain experience in sustainability and come back to Cambridge and report on their learning.

For more information and an application form for the positions please contact Claire Hopkins at


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