CHaOS need student volunteers

Cambridge Hands-On Science (aka CHaOS) is a student society which aims to show children and families that science can be fun and exciting, and something that they can understand.

We’re now recruiting volunteers for our **2013 Summer Roadshow** – where we take a mini bus of volunteers and a van full of experiments camping around the country for 5 weeks of the summer (**Monday 1st July to Sunday 4th August**), visiting schools and town halls.

**What would I do?**
Most volunteers come on the roadshow with us for around a week. You’d get to talk to lots of children and families, while playing with fun/noisy/messy science experiments. We’ll show you how these work before letting you have a go for yourself in schools and town halls. In the evening we do sociable stuff, such as bbqs at the beach or our campsite. It’s great fun, great for the experience in engaging the public/your CV, and much better than a week of real work! Coming on the CHaOS Summer Roadshow shouldn’t cost you any more than your time – our sponsorship covers costs such as train tickets to come and meet us + get back home, food and camping.

**Sounds great! How do I sign up?**
You will need fill in our signup form.
There’s lots of other information about CHaOS and the experiments on our demonstrator website .
If we’ve missed something, or you just want to find out more, do drop us an email to


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