TWCU Summer Programme 2013

Programme Assistant vacancies
Hughes Hall is recruiting Programme Assistants (PA) to work on its exciting international programme in collaboration with Tokyo Woman’s Christian University.

Job description and specification

This summer, Hughes Hall will welcome international students from Japan who want to take courses for credit and enjoy the experience of living and studying at the University of Cambridge. PAs are vital to the success of this programme. Rather like a ‘College parent’, they welcome visiting students, help them settle into their new surroundings and plan social events to entertain and educate them about Cambridge life. PAs are also available to help with English language support and basic questions about the students’ studies.

The ideal PA is lively, personable, relaxed (but eager), organised, interested, patient, and able to work effectively as part of a team. The job requires a good deal of social interaction, particularly on this Japanese programme, where the aim is to encourage visiting students to improve their spoken English. While all PAs enjoy the job (usually very much) they should always remember to make the well-being and happiness of the visiting students their first priority.

Duties and responsibilities
PA activities are very varied and require plenty of energy – a typical day might involve discussing English language questions, sitting in on one of the course lectures, having tea in Grantchester, and karaoke – but there are core duties that every PA is required to perform, as follows:

  1. Be the first point of contact for visiting students and provide a high level of pastoral care for them throughout the programme.
  2. Organise and lead a schedule of varied activities designed to appeal to all students, and accompany field trips and weekend outings.
  3. Attend one of the lecture courses so as to be familiar with the material if a student should have a general question (more involved questions will be directed to the course seminar leaders). The courses for the 2011 programme will include a course on Contemporary British Politics and a course on 20th Century British and American Cultural Studies.
  4. Be present at mealtimes, Formal Halls, and special social events.
  5. Be prepared to help students with English language questions.
  6. Ensure teaching rooms are set up (daily) and taken down (at end of programme).
  7. Assist with photocopying, when necessary, and equipment testing.

Application requirements
All Cambridge undergraduate or graduate students are welcome to apply for these positions. Applicants should be in possession of a UK bank account and a National Insurance number, or have the means to obtain them before starting work (i.e. student visa/work permit). The programme will run from August 7-31, 2013. Four PA places are on offer for 2012. All PAs will receive a salary of £750, plus full-board and accommodation for the duration of the programme. A letter of interest and CV/resume should be sent electronically by April 30 to Elizabeth Moore, Director of the TWCU Summer Programme, Interviews will be held at the beginning of May


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