Introductory Hughesletter of 2013-2014

Dear Hughesians,

A warm welcome to our new students! Here’s the first Hughesletter of the new academic year. Bear with me, as this will be the only one containing so much rambling on my part.

By now, newsletters from both students unions – Cambridge Undergraduate Student Union (CUSU) and the Graduate Union (GU) – should have reached your inbox. In the old days, the Hughesletter would include most of the important events listed in the aforementioned newsletters. However, under our new communication policy, meant to keep things as simple as possible, all these events will be added to the Social Calendar linked on the Home page , instead of beefing up the newsletter. Make sure to click the events dates for a multitude of details.

As for the newsletter itself, it will become the main method of communication between the MCR Committee and the general student population: small, neat, concise and important. It will contain three sections: (I) events in College for the following week, (II) announcements from Hughes Hall Societies and Clubs, and (III) other news of general interest to Hughesians.

Please note that aside from this Hughesletter, the Hughes Hall MCR website will also receive (if necessary) daily updates with news that are not of enough importance to make it into the Hughesletter, but which might be of interest to some of you, so make sure to check the website regularly.

One final note – if an event (such as Tea and Cakes) is listed on the social calendar, it will happen, regardless of there being an email reminding you of it or not (very important events will still have email reminders).

And now, for the Hughesletter itself…

Events in the upcoming week

  1. Pub Crawl, with Lucy and Eddies, October 8th, 19.30
  2. Footligths, October 8th, 22.30
  3. Undergraduate Family Evening, October 9th, 19.00
  4. Cindies Night in the Bar, October 9th, 21.00
  5. Maypole Pub Meet with Murray Edwards, October 10th, 19.00
  6. Lola Lo Night, October 11th, 21.00
  7. Karaoke, October 12th, 21.00
  8. Trip to Fitzwilliam Museum, October 13th, 13.00
  9. Games Night, October 13th, 20.00

Sports and Societies Announcements

For now, follow the emails going through to the main list about taster sessions for various clubs and teams. Once clubs start their activity, news and announcements will be published in this section.

Other Announcements

  1. Cambridge Shadowing Scheme

For past events and announcements, please see the previous Hughesletter.

For other news, check our home page.

All the best,

— George Sarbu
MCR Secretary


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