Write and/or edit for The Cambridge Globalist

Relaunching in 2013, The Cambridge Globalist publishes intelligent writing about politics, economics and culture. Our pieces will be appearing online, in print and on radio. The Globalist is about quality over quantity; we do rigorous long-form pieces which go beyond the conventional wisdom, and invest in professional development and outstanding editorial staff to make it happen. Our network reaches six continents, and the staff community has socials, master classes and weekly editorial debates about our stances on topical issues. See our page for more.

We are recruiting writers, editors and one-off contributors. Submit writing samples to apply[at]cambridgeglobalist.org (with a pitch if one-off). We are also hiring a Print Editor, Publicity Director, and Social Officer. Feel free to suggest other roles based on your skills and interest.

Contact: editorinchief[at]cambridgeglobalist.org
Webpage: http://on.fb.me/1ajtxql


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