q Hat Club, November 14, 8PM – Hughes Hall MCR

Hat Club, November 14, 8PM

Dear Hughesians,

The Hat Club continues coming Thursday (14th November, 8pm at the Pavilion Room):

Robyn Veal (McDonald Institute of Archaeological Research) – Forest economics in the ancient Roman world: evidence from Pompeii

In the ancient world, wood was today’s oil, and it was the major fuel until the industrial age. Techniques for studying ancient forest consumption incorporate ecology, history, economics and archaeology, and form part of wider studies on ancient economies. As the modern world moves to an end in fossil fuels, wood’s importance may yet re-assert itself, so asking how the ancients managed their fuel supply holds relevance. Pompeii is a well-studied city, and provides a very useful basis for considering ancient fuel management, in particular, we would like to know: did the Romans have a ‘sustainable’ fuel supply?

See the attached poster for associated illustrative material.


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