q Hat Club, November 28, 20.00 – Hughes Hall MCR

Hat Club, November 28, 20.00

The Hat Club finishes the term coming Thursday (28th November 8pm at the Pavilion Room) with a Double Bill.

Arpit Gupta (Skype/Microsoft and Judge Business School) – Marketing to the Digiratti – the online consumer

We live in a much more socially connected world today than ever before. More of our conversations are now moving from the physical world to digital world. This poses some serious challenges for marketeers. Should they engage with their consumers via new online mediums? What’s the importance of these online conversations and how can companies become part of them?

Agnieszka Iwasiewicz-Wabnig (NanoDTC Doctoral Training Centre) – How to move a whale?

Large organisations, especially ancient ones like the University of Cambridge, tend to be very set in their ways. They also happen to be a fertile ground for cutting edge research and world leading innovation. So how does it work? What is needed to induce changes inside of a large organisation to keep it afloat?

Poster here.


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