Bikers’ Check-list

This goes to all bikers out there, be them new or old. Every time you get on a bike, please go through the check-list below to ensure that you have a safe and pleasant cycling experience.

Check that:

  1. Tires are properly inflated.
  2. The chain is properly oiled.
  3. Brakes are properly adjusted.
  4. Brake pads are not worn out.
  5. The night lights (white&red) are in your possession and are properly supplied with batteries.
  6. You are able to carry the lock without being inconvenienced.
  7. Your movement is not hampered by bags.
  8. (Optional, but important) You have adequate protection gear and night time signalling tools.

Also, while cycling, make sure to:

  • Stay on the left side of the road. Do not take the middle of the lane if you are a slow biker!
  • Always signal before attempting a turn.
  • Do not overtake other bikers on the “inside” (i.e., between the biker and the pavement). This could startle them, with dire consequences for both of you, especially in high-traffic areas.
  • Do not overtake someone while in a curve (this should be familiar to car drivers).

One final note – for those in need of assistance with their bikes, there is a bike shop very close to the College, on Mill Road. Prices should be reasonable for everyone.

I hope we will have an accident-free 2013/2014.

-George Sarbu
MCR Secretary


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