“Settling into Hughes” Survey Winners

Dear Hughesians,

A while ago we asked you to fill out a survey on housing issues at Hughes. The answer rate was grate and, as promised, we shall reward two lucky respondents.

Those who wanted to be taken into account for a prize had to provide a number between 1000 and 9999. To ensure the utmost fairness, this number was compared against a randomly generated number on random.org. Results are listed below.

Random.org – 4579 | Closest match – 4568 | Winner – tas57
Random.org – 1376 | Closest match – 1340 | Winner – lw426

The MCR President will email the winners with details on how they can claim their reward.

Thank you for taking part and we are looking forward to hearing from you in our future surveys!

-George Sarbu
MCR Secretary


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