Student Holiday for Hughesians

Tired of writing essays? Want a spring break far from revision? Don’t stay at home and watch cat videos, get your friends and go along with 100 other students on a 5-day trip in April to Budapest, Europe’s best party destination, for just £199 (flights included)!

Our generation is increasingly losing out on being young: it is less mobile, spends less on entertainment, has less sex and more debt than any previous generation. Student Ramble, founded by two Cambridge undergraduates, aims to ensure that our generation has fun while we are young by creating a network that can provide cheaper trips than individual student committees and unions.

Our first trip is to Budapest in April: £199 for flights, airport transfer, accommodation, pub crawls, nights out, thermal baths to recover and much more!

For a special discount, please get in touch with Boaz (bs463).


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