Swap with Linacre Oxford

The time has come to go visit our comrades over at our Sister College: Linacre, Oxford.

We’ll be heading there on Fri 21st Feb for a day full of sight seeing, eating and frivolities.

It’s always a lot of fun, and it’s just about the right time for a mid-term break, so think about taking the day off to go check out what life might have been like if you’d applied to Oxford…

Timings are yet to be finalized, but we’ll be leaving Cambridge sometime in the morning around 10am, and coming back about midnight, both via coach/minibus. Again, the schedule will be confirmed soon, but there’ll probably a tour of Oxford, maybe punting, a formal and a bop afterwards.

The cost should be no more than £40, not bad for transport, lunch, dinner and activities!

If you want to come, fill out the booking form .

This doesn’t commit you just yet, we just need to get an idea of numbers and will be sending out more details and a definite price early next week, when we will ask you to confirm your place and pay!

Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis, so move fast!


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