Green League Table Recruits

The Green League Table conducts annual environmental assessments of the Cambridge Colleges. We are currently recruiting for a range of project roles:

1) Project Lead
– Responsible for overall running of project
– Liaise with other societies / industry professional
– Run training workshops

2) Technical Team
– Coders: Maintaining and developing data web app
– Data Scientists: Working with data to develop new ways of using and analysing
– Designers: Visualising data to increase the legibility of information

3) Thermal Imaging Lead
– Directing thermal imaging team to perform thermal surveys of college buildings
– Liaise with colleges
– Conducting training sessions

4) Communications Officer
– Maintain contact with College Representatives
– Assist colleges in completion of data
– Process feedback

5) College Best Practice Team
– Conducting research into technologies and practices
– Interviewing college bursars/contacts about specific environmental programmes
– Developing a trial of sensors within college buildings

6) Publicity Officer
– Designing posters and invitations to events
– Writing articles on the GLT
– Design supporting booklet for colleges
Apply: green.league.table[at]

If you have any questions, please contact: green.league.table[at]


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