Gog Magog Molly Workshop

Summary: Gog Magog Molly Beginners’ Workshop.
8pm-10pm Tuesday 29th April and Tuesday 6th May (and Tuesdays after that as well)
Venue: St Andrews Street Baptist Church

Watch some of us dancing:

Sign up here for more info (leave email address as name).

Come to one or both sessions – we would love to see you (signup is not required at all. You can come to the second week even if you haven’t come to the first (we will be doing different dances) – and you can come to Tuesdays afterwards as well!

If you want to see us in action – we will be dancing on top of Castle Hill in Cambridge at dawn on May Morning (May 1st – around 5:30am) and dancing around Cambridge with other Morris and Molly sides on Saturday 10th May (in the JMO Day of Dance)

This was us at Sidmouth Folk Festival this year!

Any queries – email molly[at]cusu.cam.ac.uk


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