CHaOS demonstrations

1. Cambridge Hands-On Science (a.k.a. CHaOS) is a student society which aims to show children and families that science can be fun, exciting and something that they can understand. We will be demonstrating fun science experiments to the public at Cambridge Science Centre on 31st May and 1st June and we would love some grad volunteers! The sessions are only an hour and a half each (morning 11:00-12:30 and afternoon 14:00-15:30 each day) and you can sign up to volunteer for just one, or all of them if you’re feeling keen! We’ll give you a quick intro before you start if you haven’t demonstrated with us before. The sessions will be great fun and give you a break to chat about science with the public!
If you would like to sign up, please go to

2. CHaOS are also running a 7-week long Summer Roadshow from Mon 30th June to Sat 16th Aug, where we take a mini bus of volunteers and a van full of experiments camping around the country visiting schools, town halls and Scout jamborees.

We need volunteers who are at least 23 years old and have had a UK driving licence for at least 3 years with no accidents, and who would be happy to drive a van between Tues 8th July – Mon 14th July or later in tour between Fri 18th July – Mon 21st July.

We also need volunteers who are at least 21 years old and have had a UK/EU driving licence for at least 3 years, and who would be happy to drive a 9-seated vehicle for the tour between Mon 30th June – Fri 4th July or later in the tour between Friday 25th July – Monday 28th July and Sat 9th Aug – Sat 16th Aug.

These are the weeks we urgently need drivers – however if you are free at other points between Mon 30th June to Sat 16th Aug and would be happy to be a reserve driver then also drop us an email and we’ll see if we can fit you in!

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We visit schools and town halls and you get to talk to lots of children and families, while playing with fun/noisy/messy science experiments. In the evening we do sociable stuff, such as BBQs at the beach or our campsite. It is great fun and useful experience in engaging the public in science. Our sponsorship covers costs such as food and travel so coming on tour won’t cost you any more than your time.

To sign up, just email:
More information about volunteering with CHaOS can be found on our website:


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