q Photo composition workshop, May 24th, 11am – Hughes Hall MCR

Photo composition workshop, May 24th, 11am

Do you want to learn how to compose your photographs to achieve clean, striking images? Do you want to know how to use the scene/lighting/camera settings to your advantage, creating the photos your way, instead of taking point-and-shoot snapshots? What rules can be helpful and how/when to use them (or neglect them)?

The workshop will be led by Joachim Wabnig, with help of other Photo Soc members (beginners and proficient photographers are both welcome to attend).

If you have some favourite photos – please feel free to bring them with you, we can always use more examples!
You may also want to take your camera along to try things out (so that you can work with a familiar piece of kit), but feel free to attend even if you do not have a camera – we will provide some SLRs to use on the day.
To confirm your attendance or with any further enquiries please contact Aga Iwasiewicz-Wabnig on ai261@cam.ac.uk


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