Ruddigore by Gilbert and Sullivan

Production Society: Cambridge University Gilbert and Sullivan Society
Society website:
Production Facebook Page: Cambridge Ruddigore 2014
Director: Rachel Lipsy
Musical Director: David Rice
Audition Location: Newnham College Old Labs
Email: RFL29

We are currently looking for a producer and choreographer for the production. If anyone is interested, can you please contact Rachel (RFL29) for details.

Sunday, May 11, 1:00 – 4:00 pm
Wednesday, May 14, 5:00 – 8:00 pm

It would be helpful if you could choose a time slot off of this doodle poll: [1] However, DROP INS ARE WELCOME, so don’t be afraid to just show up. (Note that reserved time slots will take priority over drop ins, so you may have to wait a little longer if you just show up.)

Audition Materials
To aid you in your preparation for your auditions, we have posted the dialogue excerpts you will be asked to read during first-round auditions. Please choose one piece according to your gender. Excerpts can be found on the Facebook page (search Cambridge Ruddigore 2014) and the website (

Please also prepare a song of your choice to sing during first-round auditions. Music from the G&S canon will be available.

Centuries ago, Sir Rupert Murgatroyd, the first Baronet of Ruddigore and all his heirs, were cursed by a witch to commit a crime every day, or perish in inconceivable agonies. In this parody Gothic melodrama, Sir Ruthven Murgatroyd, the latest Baronet of Ruddigore flees the curse to live in disguise as the honest Robin Oakapple. Falling in love with the virtuous Rose Maybud he seeks to overcome their mutual shyness to woo her. Haplessly betrayed by his best friend, Richard Dauntless, Ruthven is forced to once more take up his rightful title. How can he satisfy the obligations of the curse and stay true to his conscience? With a deformed villain, a haunted family mansion, a troupe of professional bridesmaids and a madwoman roaming about the countryside, this riveting romp set to some of Sullivan’s finest music is a sure-fire hit.

Principal Roles Available:
SIR RUTHVEN MURGATROYD _(disguised as Robin Oakapple, a Young Farmer)_
RICHARD DAUNTLESS _(his Foster-Brother, a Man-o’-war’s man)_
SIR DESPARD MURGATROYD _(of Ruddigore, a Wicked Baronet)_
OLD ADAM GOODHEART _(Robin’s Faithful Servant)_
ROSE MAYBUD _(a Village Maiden)_
DAME HANNAH _(Rose’s Aunt)_
ZORAH _and_ RUTH _(Professional Bridesmaids)_
SIR RODERIC MURGATROYD_ (the Twenty-first Baronet)_


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