Recruiting Volunteers for Organising Concert by North Korean Para-Ensem​ble

As members of DULA Oxford we are recruiting volunteers who are willing to assist us in organizing a concert by North Korean Young Artists Para-Ensemble(denoted as Para-Ensemble henceforth) in Oxford that will be an unprecedented and monumental event.
DULA international is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to improving living conditions of handicapped North Korean and support disability rights. DULA has brought monumental changes to educational standards for handicapped North Korean youths. DULA was founded in October 2012 and is rapidly growing and recently established two student chapters based on Oxford and Cambridge. This October, DULA is helping to organize a performance by North Korean Young Artists Para-Ensemble, a 15-member national youth paraensemble of North Korea. We hope to raise awareness of and improve human rights for disabled people in North Korea and around the world through the Para-Ensemble’s performance.
Date & Location
Date: Friday 24th of October 2014
Location: Sheldonian Theatre, Broad Street, Oxford, OX1 3AZ
Historical background of the disabled in North Korea
Disabled population in North Korea is projected to be around 1.5 million many of whom suffer from malnutrition, lack of shelter and heating and seclusion from society. There are 12 schools for the disabled but none in Pyeongyang, the capital city. Reports show that few teachers are proficient in sign language and there is a shortage of facilities for disabled people with only one properly functioning Braille machine. Hence, the average retention rates in these schools are very low.
What lies at the heart of disability rights in North Korea is social stigma towards the disabled. The treatment of the handicapped in North Korea makes them akin to second class citizens. Families trto hide disabled members let alone give them opportunities in life. The Para-Ensemble’s performance in Oxford would provide an incentive for North Korean government to seriously reconsider the rights of disabled youths and put efforts to improve their quality of life.
1. To change North Koreans’ perceptions of disabled people through a successful performance. It will be a chance for disabled youths to showcase their acquired skills and send the message that they can overcome disability and reach their full potential.
2. To demonstrate the possibility of North Korea’s cooperation at an international level to improve human rights conditions of disabled people.
Anticipated consequences
1. Bring about commitment on the part of North Korean government in improving and expanding education programme and rehabilitation for disabled people.
2. Encourage international exchange between disabled youths related to music and sport.
3. Implement cooperative attitude of North Korean government, instead of previous apathetic stance.
4. Create a network that involves and practically improves North Korean human rights of disabled people, including European NGOs and Musical associations.
5. Support charities for disabled people in Cambodia and Nepal through ticket revenue from the performance and build a network with these organizations to cooperate with North Korean charities for disabled people. Advance the prospects of North Korean disabled youths to have future exposure to foreign culture or even to study abroad.
Use of Collected Funds
1. Deliver specialized equipment for rehabilitation and education.
2. Purchase machines for making bread and soy milk.
3. Equip schools with Braille printers as well as musical instruments and miscellaneous education materials.
4. Improve the quality of education for the disabled through donating other relevant tools to support schools for disabled children in North Korea
Significance of the Event
Human rights for disabled people are considered as one of the most accessible areas where improvements can be made. The UK government has taken the issue of disability rights in North Korea seriously and assisted the participation of a North Korean athlete in the 2012 London Paralympics Games. According to UK Government report of DPRK,
Its success was reported in all of the mainstream of DPRK media, leading to a sudden increase in enquiries from disabled people and their parents into how they could get involved in sports.’
We are hoping that this concert will bring about similar change in attitudes towards and treatment of disabled people.
The Korean Federation for the Protection of the Disabled (KFPD) is the closest to a Non-governmental organization in North Korea with relatively minimal government intervention. Its establishment in 1998 came as a drastic measure following the failure of the rationing system during the famine, as the disabled could not receive protection from the government. Although its aim is to provide basic needs, legislative support and education for the disabled, the goal is far from being fulfilled. KFPD also receives support from a range of international humanitarian organisations including Care for Children and Handicap International.
This is the first time that DULA and the Federation have cooperated which is unprecedented in the non-public sector. Hopefully this event, by not only improving conditions in the fields of music but changing public perception as a whole, would bring about long-lasting changes for the disabled youths around the world.
To apply for volunteer positions please e-mail dulauk2014@gmail.comwith:
  1. Your name and college
  2. One of these teams below (if you have multiple interests, please list them in order of preference and we will try to best accommodate your interests)
  3. Whether you would like to be considered as a team leader (A team leader will be the main point of contact and should be responsible for overseeing the team and its projects)
The descriptions of the each team are available below.
In addition to these roles if you have any other kind of technical expertise such as professional filming experience or sound systems please let us know via e-mail.
Internal Publicity Team
Publicising the event and mobilising volunteers in Oxford
External Publicity Team
Publicising the event outside Oxford (may involve contacting media outlets)
Web administrator
Maintaining the event pages in social media and uploading photos and updating information.
Sponsorship Team
Writing to or calling companies and charities to obtain sponsorship
Events and Socials Team
Organising events and socials for raising awareness and fundraising. May involve contacting speakers and hosting a speaker event or social events.


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