Tutoring Opportunities at Debate Chamber

Debate Chamber is a small company offering high-end education opportunities for students aged 11-18 in a range of academic subjects. Our events give bright, motivated students the opportunity to explore new subjects and ideas and get a taste of undergraduate level challenges. We are looking for applicants to work with us on our term-time events and our summer school programme in the 2014/2015 academic year.

We are looking to recruit tutors in the following areas: Economics, English Literature, History, International Relations, Law, Mathematics, Medicine, Philosophy, Politics and Physics. You can find out more about our courses on our website here: www.debatechamber.com.

The rate of pay is £125 per day. Arrangements will be made to cover reasonable travel expenses. For enquiries or applications, please contact Tom Davies, at tom[at]debatechamber.com or on 0845 5194 827. To find out more about the tutoring positions and to apply please go to: http://www.debatechamber.com/about/checkout/applying-to-work-as-a-debate-chamber-tutor/


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