CUDGS StarClash 3 – Live E-Sports Gaming Event – Cambridge vs ARU

CUDGS StarClash 3 – Cambridge vs ARU
LOL. DOTA2. Hearthstone.
Saturday 29th November
Venue TBA

This is an all-day live gaming event with League of Legends, DOTA 2 and Hearthstone computer games played live in front of an audience watching all the action commentated on a large screen, hosted by the Cambridge University Digital Gaming Society. Teams from Cambridge University will face off against Anglia Ruskin’s finest in an inter-university battle!

Come to play, cast and spectate your favourite games and be part of a great crowd of gamer fans. YOU get to be involved! Loads of games will be played and casted at every level, and we want as many players and casters as we can! Also tune in to watch our live stream at

Want to play live casted games on the day (LoL, Dota2, Hearthstone)?
Want to cast during the event in front of a live crowd and be streamed online?
Then sign up using the following form.
Or just turn up on the day to spectate. See you there!


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