Enlightened Perspectives: An Exhibition Working through Science and Art

In Cambridge, we are accustomed to seeing Science and Art as separate disciplines, but does this overlook the obvious synergisms? During National Science Week this year, Churchill College is to facilitate an exhibition designed to explore the intersection of Science and Art, and we are looking to display works that position art and science into a dialogue. Are you interested in visualising this fascinating relationship? If this is something you have deliberated, or would just like to explore, then please send photographs or descriptions/ideas of your work to:


Please specify dimensions and medium in this email. We are open to the receipt of all forms of artwork, including photography, paintings, drawings, sculpture, models, films, notebooks, instruments, or works in progress.

The theme is intended to be open to interpretation and the encouragement of your exploration of the impact of a fusion of Science and Art. This is a rare and exciting opportunity to showcase your visual interpretations during the prestigious National Science Week.


EXHIBITION DATE: 9th of March 2015


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