IDENTITY: A UniCORNS discussion group. 8-10pm, 23rd Feb, Barbara White Room, Newnham.

UniCORNS social: 8pm, 10th Mar, Vaults.

The University of Cambridge Open Relationship and Non-monogamy Society (UniCORNS), new this term, is devoted to non-monogamy, polyamory, open relationships, or any other member of the huge family of alternative relationship styles. We organize fortnightly alternating discussion groups and socials, open to everyone, regardless of how you do relationships.

Our next meetup is called ‘Identity’. We’ll be considering what it means to identify as preferring alternative relationship styles, and the relationships between it and sexual orientation, romantic orientation, gender identity, and other components of our identities. It’ll take place on the 23nd February, 8pm, in the Barbara White Room, Newnham. Latecomers and early leavers welcome! Join the Facebook event: to hear the latest.

Our next social will be on the 10th March, from 7 until we get bored of each other, at the Vaults.

We now have a functioning mailing list: and Facebook group: Sign up to both to hear about future discussion groups and socials. We might even be organized enough to send round a termcard next term.


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