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CHaOS Summer Roadshow sign up is now open


Hope everyone managed to get a bit of relaxation in around Easter – if you’re ready for
some healthy procrastination and want to start planning a great summer break then
look no further, as CHaOS Summer Roadshow sign up is now open!
http://www.chaosscience.org.uk/tour-signup-2015 [1].

Our Summer Roadshow (affectionately also called Summer Tour)
takes place from the first week of July and will run for 5 weeks, with
an extra week mid-August. We pack up our hands-on science experiments
along with camping equipment and volunteers in a few vehicles and tour
around schools, public events and Scout jamborees across the UK (exact
locations can be found on the sign-up form). Food (including lots of
BBQs!), accommodation during tour and travel expenses to join tour are
all covered by CHaOS. More details on tour can be found at
http://www.chaosscience.org.uk/demonstrator/roadshow_overview [2].

Tour is a lot of fun and a great way to spend a week or so in the summer
(we don’t expect anyone to do all 6 weeks! Anything from a weekend to a
couple of weeks is usual). We hope to see you there!

** Sign-up is now open at:
http://www.chaosscience.org.uk/tour-signup-2015 [1]
** Please indicate all dates you are available for – flexibility is
greatly appreciated! In addition, if you are 21+/23+ with a full, clean
license and happy to drive an MPV/van respectively then please indicate
that on the sign-up too. If you’re not sure about driving a larger
vehicle, then this year we are hoping to have a couple of driving
practice sessions with the van and MPV after exams this year, which you
can sign up for on the form as well.

We are aiming to email out your tour allocation dates in week 2/3 of
Easter term. If you have any more questions feel free to email us at
contact@chaosscience.org.uk :)

Jess & Sarah
CHaOS Co-Presidents 2014-5

[1] http://www.chaosscience.org.uk/tour-signup-2015
[2] http://www.chaosscience.org.uk/demonstrator/roadshow_overview

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