Tutoring with OxbridgeHumanities/OxbridgeSciences, minimum 500GBP

Dear Hughes MCR,

We are a small, specialised tutoring group run exclusively by current
and former Oxbridge students to increase access to the
sciences/humanities to all passionate and enthusiastic students,
regardless of their background, both within the UK and internationally.

We are looking for tutors from Hughes to work with our team over the
next few months.

Everyone on our team has, and continues to, tutor numerous enthusiastic
young adults with a real passion for their subjects and with an
understandable desire to make it to Oxbridge. All our tutors find the
work enjoyable and challenging, as well as a welcome boost to the bank
balance at the end of term!

The well-being of the tutors of is hugely important, as we have all
faced the pressures of prelims and finals. We are therefore committed to
ensuring that all our tutors are supported in their own degrees, making
arrangements for particularly busy weeks and exams to ensure their
studies are not affected by their work with their tutee.

As part of our tutoring programme we offer one on one tuition with a
private tutor and we are looking for enthusiastic tutors, current or
former Oxbridge students, ideally with some tutoring experience, who
would be interested in working with us.

As a specialised tutoring group focused entirely on Oxbridge we do
interview all our tutors to ensure they meet our standards, but we
believe than anyone with a passion for their subject and a willingness
to teach will meet our criteria. In return we pay our tutors well; we
pay on average 500 pounds for 12 hours tuition over a 3 month period.

Tutoring is completely flexible and arranged by the tutor and their
tutee depending on their busy schedules. Some tutors will also be
required to tutor our international students over Skype, and they will
be able to do this from home at a time of their choosing.

Later on in the year there will be opportunities for our most
enthusiastic tutors to apply take up positions of responsibility within
the company on a part and full-time basis in marketing, sales and

If you are interested in working with our team please do email us at
info@oxbridgehumanities.com or info@oxbridgesciences.com

Best wishes,

_The OxbridgeSciences and OxbridgeHumanities team_


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