Take part in psychology study (paid £25/2 hours)

The Cambridge Prosociality and Wellbeing Lab is running a behavioural study on how oxytocin influences social behaviours. In this study, you will be given a nasal spray (oxytocin or placebo) and then will do some studies on a laptop. The study takes about two hours and you will be paid £25 for taking part.

In order to take part, you need to be:
1) Caucasian
2) Male
3) 18-55 years old
4) Not diagnosed with psychological problems in the past 5 years (But if you have ever been diagnosed with Asperger/Autism, DO please contact me).

To minimize the risk of you taking part in this study, and to avoid interaction between oxytocin and the medicine you take, we also expect you not currently taking medicine regularly (If you’re taking medicine temporarily for cough/cold, etc, we expect you to take part one week after you stop taking medicine).
If you are eligible and interested, please send an email to oxytocinstudycpw@gmail.com and we will send you more information.

Thank you!!
Cambridge CPW Lab


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