q 22 October research conference update – Hughes Hall MCR

22 October research conference update

Dear All

Hope everything is well with you, and that you managed to have a
relaxing summer break too.

Earlier in the summer I contacted you to invite you to participate in a
cross-discplinary research conference I’m co-organising with Carron
Blom,and supported by Lucy Cavendish College. I attach the publicity
flyer and itinerary FYI. To those of you that kindly agreed to give a
talk – a big thanks. I will be contacting you individually soon to
confirm, so if you are no longer willing to present then please let me
know ASAP. Any additional offers of talks or posters are most welcome –
just let me have a title and a single sentence summarising your
talk/poster. Feel free to reuse posters that you may have presented at
other more specialist conferences.

This informal conference is free, and will give ample opportunity to
share thoughts and ask questions of our speakers, to offer support, to
network, and most importantly I hope, to socialise and make new friends!

Lucy Cavendish College have kindly agreed to fund the cream tea, but
need to know numbers for catering. So if you do wish to attend this
conference (or just part of it), regardless of whether you are giving a
talk, please can you reply to me.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.


PhD Student
Department of Geography

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If you know anyone else who’d like to join, or if you
wish to be removed from this mailing list, email

[1] http://www.facebook.com/MaturedStudentsSociety


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