Hughes Hall May Ball President

Dear Freshers and returning Hughesians!

The search is on for the most important of roles – a new President
for the 2016 Hughes Hall May Ball.

The May Ball is the high point of the year and, despite its name,
takes place in the middle of June. We expunge the harrowing memories
of exams and focus on enjoying Cambridge at its most glorious: an
overabundance of good weather, drink, food, games, dancing, bow-ties
and beautiful Hughesians. It is little surprise, then, that May Ball
survivors’ photos usually occupy a prominent space in the homes of
Cambridge alumni, often next to the matriculation photo.

Make sure to see last year’s pictures (don’t forget to like the

See here for more information about last year’s ball: [3]

We’re now looking for someone to lead a May Ball committee that
will be charged with organising this evening of celebration and
excess for hundreds of people. As a reward for your efforts, you
will receive free entry, and supplementary rewards such as swaps to
other college May Balls. You also get the immense
satisfaction/drunken glory from many happy ball goers on the big
day. Given the size and reputation of a May Ball, participating will
also be a great experience for whatever you choose to do in the

If you are interested in the role of May Ball president, or just being on the May Ball Committee, please contact me at

Kind regards,



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