We are researchers at the MRC Cognition & Brain Sciences Unit, and are
recruiting participants for a neuroimaging study that aims to improve
the understanding of bipolar disorder and the development of new
treatment techniques.

The study consists of two separate testing sessions:

1) Screening Visit + (if eligible) Testing session one with
questionnaires and 2 computer-based tasks (2hrs);

2) Testing session two involving a brain fMRI scan during which
volunteers are asked to imagine a range of future daily events.

We are looking for volunteers aged 16 – 40 years old native-level
English speakers who:

a) either have NO present or past mental health problems; OR

b) have experiences typical of bipolar disorder, such as depression in
combination with mood swings; or a relative with bipolar disorder.

Time and travel expenses are reimbursed.

Please email MoodandImagery@mrc-cbu.cam.ac.uk if you would like to find
out more information.


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